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Duane Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

If this has been discussed before, please point it out. I've done some
searching and can not quite come up with the solution other than to
reboot the server. I'm hoping a reboot can be avoided.

I recently attempted to run sysinstall to install something that was
not listed in the ports collection. Sysinstall is still running in the
back ground as a result of my ssh session getting terminated. Now, I
can not kill sysinstall. I found some things on the web that pointed
out there may be a parent that is keeping the child thread alive. That
parent has been killed off and I still can not kill sysinstall.

I am noticing some things in the messages log that may be as a direct
result of sysinstall still running. I am getting the following two
lines logged all the time:

    Jul  9 16:51:16 cgate kernel: acd0: req=0xc3833640 TEST_UNIT_READY
    semaphore timeout !! DANGER Will Robinson !!
    Jul  9 16:51:17 cgate kernel: acd0: req=0xc38324b0 SETFEATURES SET
    TRANSFER MODE semaphore timeout !! DANGER Will Robinson !!

I know acd0 has something to do with the cdrom drive. That is the only
thing being complained about within the logs as far as hardware
goes. No other file systems are having issues.

Can someone shed some light on what is going on?

What is the ps(1) output for that task?

Sorry for not including that part:

root   17722  0.0  0.1  2128  1456  p0- D     2Jul06   0:23.08 sysinstall

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