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I would like to share some IMAP folders between users. I'm currently using postfix and uw-imap. Is this possible? How should I do this? (Hard links between IMAP files?)

The basic problem is this: we have a company and we have some employees, doing help desk service. There are "cases" with different e-mail threads. When an employee goes on holiday, the others should be able to continue his work. The best was to do this is - I believe - a shared IMAP folder. Our employees are using Thunderbird. That wonderful program can display message threads. It is very nice, but how can these users share their e-mails? Is it possible to do this with FreeBSD and Thunderbird?

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There's some directions at (found by googling uw imap shared folders) but I'm not sure I follow them. It looks like it's just setting up another IMAP account that happens to be shared....

I use cyrus-imap, and it seems to have fairly straight-forward support for shared/public folders from what little I've played with them.

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