This is weird, I configure a printer and I'm able to print a test page and I 
then close the browser and try to print and I get a quick popup window saying 
"Starting with CUPS" but nothing happens it won't print.  I Open firefox again 
and go back to printer administration and the printer I just configured is not 
there, so I configure it again giving it the same name and when I try to print 
a test page it gives me this error: "Quota limit reached" and printer 
disappears again from the printer management page again.  Now if I configure 
another printer with a different name it will print a test page but if I try to 
print from another application it will not print I just get that same popup 
window saying "Starting with cups" and if I close firefox and then go back 
there again the printer is not there.  I'm running the latest cups on the ports 
tree 1.2.0 and FBSD6.1.

My printers.conf file looks like this

<DefaultPrinter main>
Info HP Officejet 4315
Location home
DeviceURI usb:/dev/unlpt0
State Idle
StateTime 1152564753
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
AllowUser webdude
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

My rc.conf file kind looks like this:


My devfs.rules file looks like this:

# HP drivers rules
add path 'ugen*' group operator
add path 'ugen*' mode 0660
add path 'unlpt*' mode 0660 group cups
add path 'ulpt*' mode 0660 group cups

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