This is a request for help made after extensive efforts to install freebsd on  
my computer, and only after having tried almost everything, i was wondering 
if you have any suggestions.
        Firstly, may I say what my system is., below:

maxtor 6Y120LO hardrive
sis 5513 chipset
sis 5513 ide controller
hda maxtor 6y120l0 ata disk drive
bus pci
sis648  ATA  133 controller
 I also get the message in the boot messages, (not 100% native, will probe 
later) if this is of any moment
        May I say I am using Suse linux as my main operating system and hope to multi 
boot from a choice of systems, so far I have had no problem, Debian installed 
superbly as well.
        I have Windows xp on the first partition, the unices behind it, (I am no fan 
of wondows! )
        I don't know if any of this will help solve the problem, I have experimented 
with several parameters, using thre kernal configurator, and wonder if the 
disk controller I am using is compatable with freebsd.
        Any help with this would be greatley appreciated.

        Many thanks,


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