>       I can read from my  CDROM  under  Windows 98 , but when I try 
> to read from it under  FreeBSD 4.3  I get told that the device is busy.
> My presumption is that either part of the device driver is corrupted, 
> or there is some status data kept long time that is never reset but it 
> tells the system that the device is busy.
>       What can I do to resolve the difficulty?  If I need a new copy 
> of the device driver, where can I get it (do I need to know the type of
>  CDROM  that I have, I believe it is  ATAPI )?

You can start by describing _exactly_ what you are doing and the _exact_

Cut and paste of a session demonstrating the problem would be good.

Bill Moran

Sometimes I think I'm stupid.  The rest of the time I'm sure of it.

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