Lowell Gilbert wrote:

"Eugeny Kuzakov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have p4p800Se mb.

I have bought a few days before Tekram TR-822. It's Sil3112 based software

I need mirror device, contained 2 partitions -- fat32&ufs.

I want to use fat32 under freebsd&windows xp.

the problem is that under windows the controller works good,
but FreeBSD doesn't see created mirror logical device.

Has anyone working same configaration? What sil3112 bios version?

Doesn't "software RAID" imply "Windows software"? Running Windows software isn't one of FreeBSD's strong points...

Er, no, unless I am much mistaken it doesn't imply that at all (see man ataraid). FreeBSD handles plenty of "software" (metadata only) RAIDs, though I believe that an archive search will turn up that the sil3112 is possibly the worst such RAID ever and was a poor choice of RAID card, however cheap. Try google. SiL are listed among the controllers supported by ataraid on 6.1 so I would expect the RAID to be recognised even if it performed badly.

I've not used such a RAID so perhaps some specific action with atacontrol is required.


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