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> > >> You need to recompile your kernel with below
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> > > Allright, did that.


> I can manually get 80x60 with 'vidcontrol 80x60' and this is good
> enough for me.  How do I automate this at bootup?

I typically can do "VGA_80x60" on most modern hardware. I can't remember what 
the difference between the "VGA" modes and others are, but I knew at one 
point and decided that "VGA" modes were better.

Also, if that's not good enough for you then you can use arbitrary VESA 
graphics modes (as long as you're running 6.x or -CURRENT). On this machine I 

  allscreens_flags="-f 8x14 cp437-8x14.fnt MODE_346"

In /etc/rc.conf. On my video hardware, mode 346 is:

346 (0x15a) 0x0000000f G 1600x1200x32 1  8x16  0xa0000 64k 64k 0x88000000 

That gives me a 1600x1200 raster display using an 8x14 font, for a console 
size of 85 rows and 200 columns.

You can experiment with different modes (and font sizes) until you find a 
combination that a) works and b) you like. Use vidcontrol from the command 
line to experiment before modifying rc.conf, so you can switch to another 
virtual terminal if you switch to an unsupported mode.


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