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> > currently own a wireless
> > card Dlink (DWL-650 Revision M) and I am not able
> to
> > get FreeBSD 6.1 to load
> > the wi driver. I perused the wi man pages and
> found

> I believe this is the WiFi card I have. The
> SuperMMimo
> or whatever extension 108Mbps throughput and all
> that
> good stuff...
> Use the Windows XP driver file and inf and use the
> NDIS emulation driver builder to generate a kernel
> module for that card. I know this makes the driver,
> I
> have not verified that I can connect yet with it,
> but
> I have heard this is the best way to do it. 
> I know it tells me a file is missing
> /compat/ndis/Reg?????? something or other. I have
> not
> looked into the man pages for this file but I would
> have to guess it is just a registry layer for
> tweaking
> the driver. However the module loads without errors
> and ifconfig says the device is detected, and all
> the
> lights on the card start blinking. I just have a
> nasty
> WPA key that I've been too lazy to copy from my
> Windows partition to verify that everything is
> indeed
> working (and I refuse to leave my connection
> insecure
> even for a second or three.) Also haven't had time
> to
> address the missing Registry compat file.
> This assumes your are using Rel_6 (which you are, if
> one can read one has a fortune...) I know there is a
> nice simple script file that does all the work for
> you, the name just escapes me but the ndis manpage
> is
> a great place to start. 
> good luck
> -brian

I knew I was forgetting something... the .INF file has
some anomalies in it that will make the script file
not make a kernel module out of the box. There is a
line which the script will spit out for you that won't
compile correctly. This line has something to do with
switching the credentials of an unkown user to that of
an administerator user or some such thing along those
lines. This line has to be commented out of the INF
file for everything to work correctly.

I do not think this line effects the driver but nobody
becoming root is something FreeBSD doesn't seem to
like and justifiably so... I guess I shouldn't be
supprised to see that Windows thinks this is perfectly


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