Pete Slagle wrote:
> Nagy László wrote:
>> Are there any alternative IMAP servers that have good support (e.g. 
>> working mailing list, up-to-date documentation), and can share IMAP 
>> folders between users?
> I was a satisfied courier-imap user for several years. A few months ago
> I switched to dovecot because it is faster in my installation.
> (Transition was easy using maildir with both.)
> Both have active developers.
>> courier -- uses the maildir format, but I'm not sure about sharing
> Works great, bullet-proof in my experience.
>> dovecot -- early stages of development, can I trust in this?
> Also works great. Easier configuration than courier-imap. Significantly
> more responsive than courier-imap with Thunderbird clients here using
> IMAP only. Seems very solid; zero problems in first few months of use.

It seems that dovecot wins the votes - but does it support virtual
domains? Any tips on migration?

Cheers, Erik

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