On 7/12/06, Andrew Pantyukhin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 7/10/06, Eugeny Kuzakov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I need mirror device, contained 2 partitions -- fat32&ufs.
> I want to use fat32 under freebsd&windows xp.

I would forget about sil3112 raid capabilities and use
software raid in both OS's. gmirror rocks and I hear that
winxp has a good implementation of raid, too.

I know about gmirror/vinum... I want use mirrored fat32 partition under
FreeBSD&Windows XP.
Ifit  isn't possible, I theoretically can create two partitons. ntfs/fat32
-- for windows and ufs for fbsd and use them
separately, But gmirror require all the disk...If I will configure gmirror,
it not will be possible to create pratition  for windows xp....

Best wishes, Coredumped.
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