On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Gábor Kövesdán wrote:
Jaime wrote:
    Looking in /var/log/messages, I find lines like this:

Jul 11 21:28:47 atlas kernel: pid 81702 (imapd), uid 1001: exited on signal 11

Are you using any CFLAGS in /etc/make.conf?

I don't remember changing anything in there. Checking, I find this:

atlas:~>more /etc/make.conf
# added by use.perl 2006-06-28 12:34:45
atlas:~>more /etc/defaults/make.conf
/etc/defaults/make.conf: No such file or directory

        Doesn't look like it to me.  Did I miss anything?

Btw, do you use the stock compiler or something from ports?

I used whatever was in FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE early last week. I generally don't like to screw around with optional stuff when I don't have to. :)

I suggest you to rebuild everything related with stock compiler and without any CFLAGS set. You can do this comfortably with portupgrade -f.

        Based on the above, do you still think that I need to do this?

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