hello, world!

I'm a FreeBSD newbie who is fumbling his way through FreeBSD 6.1.  I am
trying to install software from CD using sysinstall, but can't figure
out how to eject CD 1 when it wants a package that's on CD 2.  Pressing
the button on the drive has no effect.  STFW I found a page suggesting
cdcontrol, but it doesn't seem do the trick:

    k62350# cdcontrol
    Compact Disc Control utility, version 2.0
    Type `?' for command list

    cdcontrol> eject
    cdcontrol: Device busy

Crashing out of sysinstall via Ctrl+C -> Abort, cdcontrol still says
Device busy.  Fortunately, the button on the drive now works.
Interestingly, cdcontrol reports Device busy with the drawer open and
also after I insert CD 2.

Starting sysinstall with CD 2 in the drive results in "Unable to get
packages/INDEX file from selected media".

Any ideas?



p.s.  In the mean time, I can install using pkg_add.

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