Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
A day or three ago someone posted about having 6.1-CURRENT (I believe) run on a MacBook laptop.

Does anyone have it running on a Mac Mini (intel)? I might be interested in getting a couple to handle email services to nfs mounted mail stores. I like their small size and ability to stick several of them in my racks without really taking much room. (We are short of rack space at the moment for many new servers).

Does FreeBSD 6.x actually boot on the hardware of these Macs yet?
(They're using EFI, not the classic PC BIOS.)

Anyway, their size is nice, but both the PPC and Intel Minis use rather pokey 5400 RPM laptop drives, so their I/O performance is mediocre. They'd make better candidates for CPU/memory-bound tasks.

Also, it's no fun at all to take them apart to swap in a new drive or more 

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