--- DW <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Danial Thom wrote:
> > You clowns with your diskless servers just
> crack
> > me up. Everyone brags about their years of
> uptime
> > on their servers, yet you just can't put up a
> > firewall or router without a disk. What, are
> you
> > still using mfm drives or something? 
> >   
> My motives have nothing to do with reliability;
> I am not philosophically 
> opposed to disks or moving parts. I'm just
> reaching the point more often 
> lately where I'm looking at:
> 1) Form factor (there are organizations where
> real estate holds almost 
> as much premium as department funds).
> 2) Heat output (I just had 2 more 2-ton
> mini-split A.C. units installed 
> -- that'll hold me for a while, but at the rate
> we're expanding, I don't 
> want to be faced with a situation again where
> I'm looking at a box doing 
> a small job like running BIND  spitting out
> 1,000 BTU's/hour)
> 3) Power consumption (why draw more than
> necessary?)
> It seems that more and more my bottlenecks have
> nothing to do with 
> performance or reliability, but rather physical
> facility management. It 
> all adds up.

Interesting that you have all of these practical
issues, yet you want to do something totally
impractical, such as replace your pix with a
freebsd box.

Why not use one of your existing freebsd servers
as a firewall? then you have zero additional real
estate or power consumption. 


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