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I tried cyrus-imapd, but I'm unsatisfied. Their website was down for a
day. Now it is up, but the pages were not updated after 2003. They had a
majordomo list but it is not functioning. I found another mailing list
but nobody answers. I do not see answer to my question in its

Are there any alternative IMAP servers that have good support (e.g.
working mailing list, up-to-date documentation), and can share IMAP
folders between users?

These are the ones I see:

bincimap -- only maildir, cannot share folders
courier -- uses the maildir format, but I'm not sure about sharing
cyrus-imapd -- I could not find support for this
dbmail-mysql -- AFAIK no folder sharing
dkimap -- ???
dovecot -- early stages of development, can I trust in this?
imap-uw -- only maildir, cannot share folders
py24-twistedMail -- Looks like this is only a collection of modules

I could use py24-twistedMail to create shared folders, but this requires
re-inventing the weel. What do you recommend?

i'm using dovecot, it one great imap/pop server, built with security in

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