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On Jul 13, 2006, at 9:22 AM, Danial Thom wrote:

Simply enabling SMP on a single processor
adds 20-25% overhead in freebsd 6.1. Again,
readily admitted/accepted by the developers.
There is no way to recover that in
efficiency, at
least not for a long time.

So don't enable SMP on a single cpu system.
Easy enough to avoid.


Don't use SMP, because the overhead stays with 2
processors, with little additional benefit (as
other tests show). Easy enough to avoid.

SMP has overhead but FreeBSD on 2 processors can do more work than FreeBSD on the same HW with just 1 processor. That is a fact.

Are you people stupid or delusional?

No, and the data you posted did not support your allegations of performance either.


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