On 2006-07-13 11:31, Danial Thom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here's the deal, Chad. On this list, all the college-kid sysadmins
> tell me how great FreeBSD is, but on the freebsd-performance list,
> none of the developers refute my findings. If that doesn't tell you
> something, then you really don't have the capacity to comment on this
> or any other subject.

That's _not_ the impression I get from threads like:


These are, also, the only two threads in which your name appears since
January 2004, so before throwing around accusations about the FreeBSD
developers not answering your alleged "performance findings" -- of which
there is absolutely NO evidence in the freebsd-performance list archives
-- please consider that your false comments in a mailing list with a
wide distribution, like freebsd-questions, are NOT doing any good to
FreeBSD and have a big probability of being characterized as "troll

Having this in mind, and bearing in mind the many contributions of Chad
to this list, which are of higher quality and in general contain text of
a far greater signal/noise ratio, I'm not sure it is so fair of you to
call people of this list "college-kid sysadmins" or to comment on Chad's
capacity to comment on any subject.

Nice troll, though...

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