Michael wrote:
Thanks for all that responded. Your ideas are great but they will just
slow the dos down if even that.
Well, that seems like it's better than nothing. I have always regarded DOS attacks as crimes of opportunity: as you say, it doesn't take a lot of smarts to pull one off.

If you make it too hard, they'll give up. So take what steps you can.

I guess no one has either thought of a
true way to stop a DOS or maybe its really impossible because your
allowing them in to begin with.
Well, it is impossible unless you shut down your site.

I figured it was worth a shot to ask. Ill
just wait it out for now. Eventually they will go away. They can try to
take us out the game but unixhideout isnt going anywhere. So they just
better get used to being second place.
What concerns me about this thread is that by doing nothing, it makes the choice of UNIX as a secure OS less credible. One of the strengths of open source is that it allows rapid response to threats. By not taking what steps you can, you risk undermining that point.

My two cents, of course.
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