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> Is it possible to boot FreeBSD from external USB
> drive?
> Have my XP PC from the office with many IT
> restrictions. I'm however capable to boot from USB.
> If so, can you provide me some reference as on how
> to do the installation?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alain

as long as you have adequate capacity to install
whatever amount of FreeBSD on your USB device, and the
computer supports booting it it shouldn't be a
problem. Worst case a simple grub boot disk to load
the USB device might be in order. I say this only
because my laptop doesn't always detect bootable USB

just try running the installation cd with the USB
device and see what happens. Make sure your setting it
up on the right drive (da0 assuming you have IDE

5 gigs or so should be enough to install a system with
some packages for the ports your installing. Building
your own generally requires more space, at least this
is what I seem to get away with for a minumum install.
you can go less if all your want is console use.
good luck


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