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>     I'm about to do a 6.1 install on a new box. I'm separating /home in the 
> filesystem so it's a system of it's own. During the install maybe after the 
> install, but before the reboot i'd like to encrypt /home so that any data 
> written to it after reboot will be encrypted. I was wondering if it was 
> possible to do this during the install? If it is how would it effect 
> programs like x? I'm going to have two users, one doing console logins, the 
> other will have x whenever he logs in, i don't want the encryption to get in 
> the way of this.

As far as I remember, there is a console available during install.
You should be able to create the slices and partitions with sysintall
and afterwards switch to the console to do the rest.

I don't see why you think x should care if the home partition is
encrypted or not. The process is transparent for the applications. 

I'm currently using an encrypted home slice and don't see any
problems. My setup is very similar to:


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