On 7/17/06, mike <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello.  I'm brand new to FreeBSD.  I'm mostly enjoying it so far.  I'm
playing with installing the Eclipse IDE port right now.  I say playing
with because I started to install it and saw the list of dependencies
and shuddered.  I like to keep my system relatively clean and tend to
start a new install of Linux (and now BSD) as bare bones and add only
what I need.

We're usually focused on making sure things work instead of
keeping dependencies to a minimum. FreeBSD is not Windows
(or some flavors of Linux) where you're afraid of installing any
software because it will never really uninstall. Here we've got
most things very clean and automated. So just go ahead and
take it easy about all the dependencies. You're not installing
Eclipse on an embedded system with 4Mb flash memory, are
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