First, OpenLDAP isn't easy to set up; but it's worth the trouble.
You should probably move this to the openldap list, or the thunderbird
list, since it really has nothing to do with FreeBSD.
Yes, this is (OFF), see the subject. Unfortunately, the openldap mailing list is not active. I could hardly subscribe, and then nobody answered.

I have Thurderbird reading my directory, but I haven't worked on
getting Thunderbird to write to an LDAP directory. You need to set up
your LDAP with TLS and the proper ACLs; and depending on your
situation you may want a seperate ou for the address book. Maybe even
a seperate ou for each user (ouch). No special schema required, it
should read the standard "mail", "phone", etc attributes. Check the
LDAP RFCs for a complete list.

Well, after a day messing with these, I tried to find other solutions. Here is what I found:

It is not perfect, because you need to press a button to synchronize. But it is easy to install, and it uses the already existing IMAP server.

Thank you


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