In the last episode (Jul 17), perikillo said:
> Hi people.
>  Im testing how to run scripts from cron using the crontab program,
> the handbook say tha each user need to have a crontab file if they
> want to run some process with the cron program:
> user-x$ crontab -e
> SHELL=/bin/sh
> PATH=/etc:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin
> MAILTO=root
> */1     *       *       *       *       user-x         /bin/echo "Testing"

User crontabs don't have a "username" column.  Remove "user-x" from the
above line and it should work.

You should still have gotten an error message emailed to root,
something like "user-x: not found".  Maybe looking at /var/log/cron
will help.

        Dan Nelson
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