Bob wrote:

Mike Meyer wrote:

Well, one solution is to distribute sources - which works especially
well if you provide a port. See below for more on that.
Yes, but the sources Makefile would have to be not only version aware,
but also "port-status" aware as well, and then call ld with the proper
args. Worse, if 6.5 comes out, and the libs are renamed to libgdk.1.2.0
for instance, then no one will know what to look for until something
IIUC correctly, the libraries you are complaining about are from *ports* and not the base system, so the version of FreeBSD is irrelevant.

Why not look to see how *other* ports which use libgdk do things? You might find more help on the ports mailing list.

For your pre-compiled binary would libmap.conf help? For a src port, I would bet that there's already a "right way to do it" that gets around your problem, even if it's just some ifdefs or similar in the Makefile.


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