Subject: How to change NIC IP when system is running FBSD 6.1

Hi all

I need to change the IP and netmask of my FreeBSD 6.1 Box and I dont' know how to do once the system is up and running. I have tried doing with KDE
but I have several errors when I restart the computer.

I have Samba installed also.

Can anyone help me?

Barry Byrne wrote:
> Juan:
> Easiest way is to edit /etc/rc.conf and reboot.
>  - Barry

But please, that's so, um, "Windows-ish"?

#ifconfig xl0 down*
#ifconfig xl0 netmask


Kevin Kinsey

*Technically, unnecessary...
Practice yourself what you preach.
                -- Titus Maccius Plautus

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