Currently running FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE #0 on a development server and
attempted to update source via cvsup to 6.1-STABLE.  Went through the same
procedures that I have always used in the past and the server stated to
still be running 6.0-stable.  The following are the procedures that I use.
I deleted everything out of /usr/obj, then ran make update && make
buildworld && make buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNELNAME && make installkernel
KERNCONF=KERNELNAME from /usr/src, rebooted, ran make installworld from
/usr/src, ran mergemaster, then rebooted.  Make.conf has the appropriate
supfile and in the supfile I'm using tag=RELENG_6.  The whole process went
fine.  I thought something was strange when mergemaster didn't update
anything except motd.  Any ideas?


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