july 17 /06
from david

I asked about boot problems with the x6da8-g2+ supermicro server board?
super micro suggests windoze or freebsd 5.2 ia64 bit os and suse 9.0 and
a nother.
you suggest trying the amd 64 bit os,i find this rather peculiar as its
not listed on your sight as an intel board os but i didnt look past ia
64! the peculiar part is your sight states that freebsd is an itanium os
and not readly stable yet.
i have a copy of 32 bit freebsd 5.3,5.4 ,6.0,-these hangup the
system,wheras the ia64 version acts as if the disk is blank--nadathing
goin on!
i wanted to use freebsd because i hear itsthe best server solution
around accordibg to my suppliers--hmmmmmmmm cant get it to go!??

and im not interested in replacing my new board ,just put it together
this past week ,i dont want to take a chance on an 64 bit amd platform
os, although i recently read amd is partialy using intel architecture ,i
dont want to fry the board so are u sure i can use amd64 bit os on
supermicro?perhaps berkley can spot u for a board,they're 628.00 us plus
tax or canadian!!plus tax. +++$$ then if it
goes-spitzzzzzzzztpopzoompoof you can let us know!its tax deductible!
seems freebsd wont run on my pc dl deluxe either!i do have it running on
my p3 intel board 386 version.
so what is the problem.
and do u have a subsstitute boot loader other than btx?it resides in ncq
and scrambles bios resets!!!

david at propertylistingservice.net/pssl.nb.sympatico.ca

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