On Tuesday 18 July 2006 13:04, Hans Lambermont wrote:
> I assume this is a bug  but perhaps I'm doing something wrong ?

I've not seen this, you might check make.conf for errors. 

> Second question : Shouldn't the config screen pop up with 'make config'
> (which it doesn't) instead of 'make fetch' ?

The distfiles might depend on the options, once the options are set, they dont 
need to be set again until they change or you reset them. I don't think 
x11/kde3 uses the standard options framework though so it might be a bit 

BTW use "make checksum"  rather than "make fetch", the latter doesn't validate 
the files. Generally you will want "make checksum-recursive" to fetch the 
distfiles for all the dependencies. 
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