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Allen D. Tate wrote:

> I am preparing to setup a FreeBSD 6.1 machine with Apache/MySQL/PHP for
> my web server and I am curious as to your thoughts on the best mail
> server to install and why. Any mail server I should steer clear from at
> all costs? Thanks in advance for your input.

software-wise :

dovecot + postfix + squirrelmail has proven to me to be the most
flexible and easiest to set up and maintain

hardware-wise :

depends on the amount of users + activity i think, the more RAM the
happier the setup for webmail

i ran squirrelmail before with courier-imap and postfix but now i'm
running dovecot + postfix and roundcube as webmail client, have no problems
so far, and you gotta see roundcube its cool better than squirrel and very
easy to configure. although it is still in the development stage it's good
enough for production use, for starters roundcube has drag and drop
features, ain't that great? but i suggest you use the svn version instead of
the ports.

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