In the last episode (Jul 19), Atom Powers said:
> All the modern storage cabinets have two data ports (mine has two
> SCSI320 ports) so they can be attached to two servers. But what kind
> of file system can you use that would make that data available to
> both servers?
> Splitting the storage in half isn't an option, as that doesn't give
> added redundancy.
> I've head of GFS and Coda, but I can't find any information about how
> stable these file systems are on FreeBSD 6.x.
> What do/would you use to share a storage device between two servers?

You could have an active/passive cluster using the sysutils/heartbeat
port, so that if the primary machine fails, the secondary fscks and
mounts the filesystem, and grabs the cluster IP address.

Another explanation for the two ports is so that you can connect both
cables to a single system for double the throughput, or so you can
daisy-chain multiple cabinets together, if you're more interested in
capacity than speed.

        Dan Nelson
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