RW wrote:

> I already answered this in the main thread - this one is a second thread 
> created when Owen G answered a list digest (I do wish people wouln't do 
> that). 
>  I was only guessing at the time, but my guess looks right:
> I think the problem is that as time goes by more and more GTK ports are 
> becoming increasingly Gnomified.

Terribly sorry about missing your other post.  I use digest mode too, but as of 
today I stopped because it's evil.

Thanks for the response.  I think the output from that webbased dependency list 
is misleading as many of those dependencies are gone once you exclude gnome, 
but the output makes it look like they are direct dependents of eclipse.

Thanks for taking the time to explain this.  Hope my response ends up on the 
right thread.


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