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As far as I'm aware, VMWare only supports FreeBSD as a Guest OS, not as a Host
OS.  i.e. you can't run VMWare itself on FreeBSD, but you can run FreeBSD
inside VMWare..

That would be correct. I own a copy of VMWare for Windows and use it
extensively to test out different scenarios with FreeBSD before touching
our production server. Works like a charm!

That is not correct!

We use VMWare3 from ports on a FreeBSD machine at our datacenter and it's 
running Windows XP perfectly. VMWare3 from ports supports FreeBSD as a host 

Yes. That is true. However, to take advantage of the new features that are provided in the latest v5.5, there isn't a way. Not only do they have that documented on their site, I've also spoken with someone prior to me purchasing the product.

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