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> > Conversation: printing from FreeBSD to a WinXP print server
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> > I can find lots of helpful information about setting up
> > FreeBSD as a print
> > server for Windows clients, but I'm not finding anything
> > helpful about
> > setting things up the other way. Does anyone have any
> > experience doing this?

> Check out apsfilter in the ports collection. It work very well for that.

OK. I installed apsfilter with
'make BATCH=yes APSFILTER_ALL=yes install'

On running SETUP script and selecting the hpjis driver the script informs me 
that my installation of ghostscript does not support inclide this driver. I 
browsed through the Makefile in print/ghostscript-gnu and cannot find any 
mention of ijs. I KNOW there is support there somewhere, because this printer 
worked fine when it was attached to my FreeBSD box. (Until CUPS became so 
broken as to be useless.) Any hints on how to configure apsfilter for use 
with an HP DeskJet 3650?

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