I've an Intel board D865GVHZ running on FBSD 5.4 that I'd like to monitor its 
temperature. I've tried using lmmon , but the data are way off:

 Motherboard Temp               Voltages

 255C / 491F / 528K        Vcore1:   +3.984V
                           Vcore2:   +3.984V
    Fan Speeds             + 3.3V:   +3.984V
                           + 5.0V:   +6.654V
    1:    0 rpm            +12.0V:  +15.938V
    2:    0 rpm            -12.0V:  -15.938V
    3:    0 rpm            - 5.0V:   -6.654V

All the other apps I'm finding are either too old, or only work with laptops / 
specific boards.

Any suggestions ?


Tamouh Hakmi

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