I installed  FreeBSD 6.1  expecting it to give me the maximum
capability, but it didn't give me the  X windows  capability.  Was
everything needed for it put together, but  X  was properly linked
where it should be?  Is there a way that I can test for this (where
should  X  be linked)?
        I got several "error code 1" messages while installing it.
What does this indicate (other that an error occurred)?  Can the
message be made more informative?  If so, please do
        There seems to be a later  FreeBSD 6.1  available, I will
try to get and install it.

although i haven't used X, i think during sysintall freebsd 6.1 gives you
the option to install a desktop version with X, correct me if i'm wrong. if
you are just after the desktop version is suggest you install pcbsd or
desktop bsd.
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