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Subject: how to apply bios firmware update?


I have just downloaded a bios firmware update for my laptop, but it assumes
that I run windows: close all programs, execute whatever.exe and reboot.

Is there some utility that will allow me to update the firmware running
freebsd or temporarily boot in some windows emulated environment?

Thanks, Erik



1)  If you're using a laptop that supports booting from a USB device, you
might temporarily install windows on a big, big thumb drive for the purposes
of installing your bios update.

2)  On the off chance that your update runs under DOS, you can get what you
need to create a DOS boot disk from http://www.bootdisk.com/.

3)  Bootdisk.com has other boot disk version up to Win XP.  Heck, they're
free to try....

3)  Sadly, there's no "Knoppix" version of Windows that boots from a CD but
you could temporarily connect a hard disk as a worst case...

Rich Mayo
SRI International

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