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> Subject: how to apply bios firmware update?
> Hi
> I have just downloaded a bios firmware update for my laptop, but it assumes
> that I run windows: close all programs, execute whatever.exe and reboot.
> Is there some utility that will allow me to update the firmware running
> freebsd or temporarily boot in some windows emulated environment?
> Thanks, Erik
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> Erik,
> 1)  If you're using a laptop that supports booting from a USB device, you
> might temporarily install windows on a big, big thumb drive for the purposes
> of installing your bios update.
> 2)  On the off chance that your update runs under DOS, you can get what you
> need to create a DOS boot disk from http://www.bootdisk.com/.
> 3)  Bootdisk.com has other boot disk version up to Win XP.  Heck, they're
> free to try....
> 3)  Sadly, there's no "Knoppix" version of Windows that boots from a CD but
> you could temporarily connect a hard disk as a worst case...

Not exactly Knoppix but based on it is:  http://www.ubcd4win.com/

I have used this to rescue data from many a downed workstation. It will give you
an XP environment to work in.

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