Dimitar Vasilev wrote:
> Usually firmware updates require that you either run them to extract
> some files that later you run under DOS or are targeted to run under DOS
> when you boot directly.
> Could you tell your brand - it could help a little?
> FreeDOS or something like this should do - depends what the instructions
> to the file say.
> You may look for a archiver under dos that extracts SFX .exe files.

Thanks all, I will try the various suggestions - it ought to be enough
to boot some DOS like system,
but the instructions assumes you are running XP :(

It's a Sony VAIO FJ3S, and it turns out that they ship it with windows
and allows you to create
recover dvd's but you can't boot off of them, and there were no install
cd's at all with the product.
So now I wiped the disk to make room for a decent system it seems I have
crossed the point of no

- and for those who think of purchasing one because they are cool:
sound, wifi and usb doesn't work
out of the box :( it seems to be some interrupt stuff for usb, sound has
no driver and the wifi fails
to load the firmware - I will ask about these things once I'm sure I'm

Thanks, Erik
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