DW wrote:
> Discovered something odd today, trying to get the procedures down to
> help someone who wanted to mount a second drive to a mount point in
> their home directory.
> Ownership on mount point:     dude:dude /usr/home/dude/drive2
> Now when I do:
>    # mount /dev/da1s1d /usr/home/dude/drive2
> Ownership shows:
>    root:wheel /usr/home/dude/drive2
>    This is not acceptable! should be "dude:dude /usr/home/dude/drive2"

This is probably because the root directory on the mounted file system
has a different ownership than the mount point. I might be way off here,
but could this be something like the mount point assuming the role of
the mounted file system root, when mounted?

Then after mounting, your chmod command was issued on the mounted fs,
not the mount point. This way it stuck. Could you maybe unmount the fs,
chgrp the mountpoint, and remount and see if the mountpoint still has
the dude group?

        Svein Halvor

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