Joshua Lewis wrote:
>    If you have another system to use temporally and a copy of Windows you
>    can download BartPE and create a Windows boot CD. You can then boot
>    from the CD and load the update either from a secondary CD drive or
>    HDD or something.
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>    Joshua Lewis
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>      Subject: how to apply bios firmware update?
>      From: Erik Nørgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>      Date: Fri, July 21, 2006 3:47 pm
>      To: FreeBSD Questions <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>      Hi
>      I have just downloaded a bios firmware update for my laptop, but it
>      assumes that I run windows: close all programs, execute
>      whatever.exe and
>      reboot.
>      Is there some utility that will allow me to update the firmware
>      running
>      freebsd or temporarily boot in some windows emulated environment?
>      Thanks, Erik
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On my Toshiba, they offer a CD Bootable image which you burn on a cd and
simply boot of that CD :)


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