sammy sumer wrote:
> Here is what I would fix:
> 1.    Reinvent the installer and interface.

This has been beaten to death a zillion times. Please read the archives
for opinions and why this won't happen any time soon.

> 2.    Integrate a PHP shell into the core of the system.

Why? Install from ports and you're done. There might be licence issues
that prevents it from being included in base. And it drags the
development down. You've got to understand how the FreeBSD development
differs from that of Linux.

The linux distros pull in a lot of stuff from everywhere and make that a
distro - there is no such thing as a base system. Then some install php
by default.

In FreeBSD there is a complete system, base, maintained by the FreeBSD
development team. Adding more stuff to base means that development will
slow as there is more code to be maintained and checked before a new
release can be made. And there is no benefit - just install from ports.

Maybe what you want is that one of the predefined distributions you can
choose in the installer includes php? There is nothing that prevents you
from installing it as a package.

> PHP is by far the most popular computing language in the world. Why not
> have a shell called PHP shell. So lots of web developers out there can
> easily create shell scripts in PHP syntax to automate and run programs on
> FreeBSD.
> Who wants to learn bash or sh scripting? They are by far the least popular
> and ugly programming language in the world.
> It is astounding that FreeBSD developers have not clued in to the fact that
> millions of backend webmasters could easily migrate and adopt FreeBSD as
> their O.S of their choice because of PHP.

Read above - just install php from ports and you're done! csh and sh
included in base are essential and sufficient to get basic stuff done at
startup, you want to make sure that the system at boot depends on as
little complexity as possible, this allows you always to get the basic
system up so you can resolve any problems.

Running core system scripts in a third party language is insane. Even
bash is not in base. Perl was removed from base. Keep the system clean
and you will have it reliable. Then add all the other stuff on top.

> 3.    Content Management Website
> Your current website looks very ordinary and doesn't make any impression
> for
> anyone visiting your site for the first time.
> There are outstanding open source CMS like Joomla, Mambo, eZ Publish,
> Drupel
> just to name a few out there that let you build a very quick and
> professional website in no times

The website had a thorough brushup less than a year ago, so you won't
get anywhere with this. And, taking resources for yet another brushup
may slow development.

A CMS doesn't make the site look more or less professional, it lets you
manage the content as the name suggests. Who knows, certainly some kind
of content management is done .. but we can't see that. Joomla and
others are well known for their security problems.

Cheers, Erik
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