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To Whom It May Concern:

1.    Reinvent the installer and interface.

Fundamental thing like system installer is still phenomenally arcane.
is no excuse for FreeBSD developers not to upgrade the system installer
why not using disk imaging technology like Norton ghost or Acronis
TrueImageinstead of the traditional installation.

One thing I would say is that FreeBSD installs a complete operating system
far faster than any other OS out there. This does matter to some people,
though not everyone.

A few years ago I was new to FreeBSD (and UNIX/Linux in general) and I went
through the installation. The only thing that caught me out was adding a
user (me) but not putting myself in the wheel group. After the installation
completed I removed the monitor and plugged it back into my usual desktop
machine. I could SSH in but not su. It really was the only thing that caught
me out.

2.    Integrate a PHP shell into the core of the system.

PHP is by far the most popular computing language in the world. Why not
have a shell called PHP shell. So lots of web developers out there can
easily create shell scripts in PHP syntax to automate and run programs on

Who wants to learn bash or sh scripting? They are by far the least popular
and ugly programming language in the world.

It is astounding that FreeBSD developers have not clued in to the fact
millions of backend webmasters could easily migrate and adopt FreeBSD as
their O.S of their choice because of PHP

Would that be PHP and all its associated modules from the base install?
That's big, and for many people unnecessary. Why would I need it for my (10)
mail servers. It wouldn't serve any purpose. Also PHP "syntax" is not
consistent. Take a look here: http://tnx.nl/php.

sh scripting is a low level "standard" across other Unices.

The only thing I wish I had learned so much sooner was "set autolist" in my
.cshrc. I didn't know it was there, and I have no idea why it is not in the
default dot.cshrc file. No doubt good reasons, but I "got by" for months
before I found this out. All that time I was going "bash can do it, why
can't csh?"

Sammy Sumer

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