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>>> Here is my problem:
>>>    I have a lab with students that is going to be taught how
>>> to use an email client(Outlook). I want to set them up on an
>>> internal server that will not be visible from the outside
>>> world(Internet). I have the mail server setup using qmail and
>>> freebsd4.7. I also want to use a fake domain name, i.e.
>>>,.org,.com whatever, so that I will be able to
>>> send email within the class and no email will go outside or
>>> from the outside to the inside.
>> Ironically, i just finished doing exactly that, if I understand you
>> correctly.

Not a problem at all.  Just give named authority over the 'fake' domain
and give it some forwarders (in example named.conf file supplied with
FreeBSD).  Then point all the m$ clients at the internal dns.  Added
bonus...  it'll cache the results and depending on how dns was previously
set up you could see some reduction in external lookups.

You may be better using a domain name in the form "labs.local" or something
similar - especially if the machines have external access: you don't really
want your test emails escaping to the real domain if you pick a .com and,
say, the DHCP server resets your users' DNS server settings.

(owning, the number of emails I get that are plainly tests or people
not wishing to fill in real addresses in web forms is astonishing ... or maybe not.)

You don't need to stick to the .com/.net/.org model of tlds if you are setting
up a system that nobody else will access. Your imagination is the limit!



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