Hi people, i was installing FreeBSD 6-1, do the world stuff and all
that process, normally went my system is runnig i no more use the
sysinstall program.

 Im going to test bacula 1.38.11 with the tape HP storageworks 232.

 I was installing some ports that i going to test on this machine and
i try to run sysinstall and the first window, the one that say is
probing device never dissapear and my tape Ready Led start blinking,
normally went bacula start working with the tape my first console
receive 1 message:

Jul 21 08:36:00 bacula kernel: (ahc0:A:3:0): Sending PPR bus_width 1,
period 9, offset 40, ppr_options 2
Jul 21 08:36:00 bacula kernel: (ahc0:A:3:0): Received PPR width 1,
period 9, offset 40,options 2
Jul 21 08:36:00 bacula kernel: Filtered to width 1, period 9, offset
40, options 2
Jul 21 08:36:00 bacula kernel: (sa0:ahc0:0:3:0): error 6

 No problem because the programs works. I just receive this message 1
each day that bacula runs with no problem.

 But My console start receiving a lot of those message, after a
couple of minutes my tape request me the tape cleaner. I just turn off
and on again and dissapear.

  But the sysinstall never let the probing device screen.

 I turn off the tape and try again but the same problem, never jump
to the next screen, i was thinking that just with the 6.1-p3 version,
i change my HD to the one i have in production running 5.4-p16, but i
get same behaviour like say normally went i setup my OS never use the
sysinstall program.

  I can live without that boy, but this behaviour is not normall to me.

  Any info about this...? Thanks all for your time!!!
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