On Saturday 22 July 2006 12:03, sammy sumer wrote:
> 3.    Content Management Website
> Your current website looks very ordinary and doesn't make any impression
> for anyone visiting your site for the first time.
> There are outstanding open source CMS like Joomla, Mambo, eZ Publish,
> Drupel just to name a few out there that let you build a very quick and
> professional website in no times

What do you mean by "professional"?

Persoanlly, I think the FreeBSD.org site is one of the best on the entire web.  
It's clean, functional and everything is available within a few clicks which 
make it appear highly professional to me. (Yes, i've done some web design in 
my time too).  Now that I think about it, it reminds of the design philosophy 
Google have chosen to use.  If "plain and simple" is good enough for a 
multi-billion dollar company like Google which is accessed by approximately 
half of the worlds internet users multiple times per day then I think that 
same design style is good enough for FreeBSD.

Or did you mean "professional" from a marketing point of view with the general 
masses of the internet population as a target?  Do you want flash animations, 
fancy graphics and stuff which add nothing but eye candy to a site?

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