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On various lists, including this one, there is talk about how to we make
hardware vendors sit up and take more notice of us ... alot of the
negative responses back seem to be 'we are too small of a group', but, of
couse, nobody out there can really give any even *reasonable* numbers of
desktops and servers deployed with FreeBSD ...

What I'd love to see is a *project initiated* (or FreeBSD Foundation)
FreeBSD reporting mechanism similar to:


Something just for FreeBSD users (well, all *BSD users should be invited)
... uptime not being the really big thing here, but stuff like version of
FreeBSD being run, country being run in, maybe have it part dmesg on
startup and report devices in use, etc ...

Come up with reports like # of hosts using fxp vs em devices, etc ...
although it may be a bit more difficult, I don't know, but report on
specific hardware being used ...

Statistics that either Core, or the FreeBSD Foundation, can use to show
vendors they are talking to about what is currently in use ... but also to
show developers themselves what device drivers are actually in use, that
sort of thing ...

Nothing that I'd think would be 'sensitive information', but information
that would be useful from either a marketing, or support, point of view

And market / promote it ...

Basically, unless I'm mistaken, right now we have *nothing* to base
numbers on, except maybe the netcraft report(s)? ... but, that only
includes hosts running web servers ... how many are running firewalls?
desktops?  mail servers?  etc ...

We need to show vendors we aren't some "hobbiest group", and towards that
end, producing some sort of up to date #s would really help, I would think
... show them we are a market worth looking at ...

why not make something similar to the linux counter, and let users register and have their registration number.

The point of the link I sent above, or other similar systems, is that its relatively self-maintaining ... you register a server/desktop with the system, as being 'owned' by you, and run a small client that polls the system periodically ...

If the server gets taken offline, it automatically gets marked as being an inactive host ... I don't know how linux counter works, but any system where someone has to go to a web site to "remove a host" if it gets taken offline is inherently flawed from the started since a) what stops ppl from just adding hosts with nothing to back them? and b) most of us are too lazy to bother going to mark as being 'offline'

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