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Greeting from Australia

I commend your efforts and your success. Following are some gripes with
FreeBSD and ideas to fix them.

I have been using FreeBSD for a few years. I have also played with lots of
Linux distributions but still FreeBSD is my first choice as a computer
system admin and backend web developer.

But you know what pisses me off about FreeBSD? It is the little things.

Every Linux Distributor in the world is hard at work reinventing the
interface and making the Linux as user friendly as possible but we're
dogged by turn of the century hassle with our FreeBSD.

Here is what I would fix:

1.    Reinvent the installer and interface.

Fundamental thing like system installer is still phenomenally arcane.
is no excuse for FreeBSD developers not to upgrade the system installer
why not using disk imaging technology like Norton ghost or Acronis
TrueImageinstead of the traditional installation.


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