On 7/23/06, Richard Collyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Nikolas Britton wrote:
> That would be unacceptable in my book. Whats the load on the system?
> Is the 3ware 9500S in a regular PCI 33MHz/32-bit slot?
> Motherboard/CPU?

The motherboard is an Intel N440BX running 2 PIII 600MHZ (feel the
power). FreeBSD version is 5.4

32 bit PCI not sure if they are 33/66Mhz as I dont have the manual to
hand. Now the card is in the bottom PCI slot which is the only place it
would fit becuase of the 7006-2 above it and the way that the standard
IDE connectors are mounted.

Ok... that might be the best you can get speed wise with the above
system. You should be able to milk alot more performance out of that
card if you put it in a newer system.

Would moving the top card to the bottom slot and putting the 9500S-12 in
the top slot screw with FreeBSD in anyway or will it just accept the
changes and keep on going?

I don't see any problem doing that... FreeBSD would only care if it
was the boot drive AND if it also changed the device name in /dev. So
yes... try it... if it changes the /dev name just edit /etc/fstab with
the new settings.

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