Nikolas Britton wrote:
Would moving the top card to the bottom slot and putting the 9500S-12 in
the top slot screw with FreeBSD in anyway or will it just accept the
changes and keep on going?

I don't see any problem doing that... FreeBSD would only care if it
was the boot drive AND if it also changed the device name in /dev. So
yes... try it... if it changes the /dev name just edit /etc/fstab with
the new settings.

Oh yes, had fun with fstab in single user mode yesterday ... I'd put a spelling mistake in /etc/fstab that was fun as it was my first venture into single user mode. Took me 20 mins to realise that only / was mounted and that /use wasn't hence no editors or shells.

As this is a production server (its only my home file server) and the card was an ebay special at sub $200 I'm happy with the performance.

I may play around with moving them when some more routine maintenance comes up but as I am only writing to it over the 100Mbit network 50MB/sec is more than enough for what I am looking at.

Many thanks for the help.


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