sorry for posting an [OT], but usually people on this list know everything :-)

Since I don't know too much about programming I am frequently fascinated by simple things like Eratosthenes' sieve. As you might remember, one has to create a boolean array for that. The longer the array the more primes can be found.

With malloc() I can create an array of length 100000000 (10^8)
and the first 5761455 primes are calculated in a few seconds.
So of course I would like to test length 10^9 but here my program crashes.

So my questions:
        - is there some way to create a longer array?
        - or what are the alternatives?
        - do you know some kind of fine manual about this?

Regards and thanks for all answers,


* Peter Ulrich Kruppa - Wuppertal - Germany *
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